Xeno pair

An example of the relationship between the young and adult Xeno.

Xenos are vicious creatures which reside deep underneath the mines of Butcher Bay Correctional Facility.


Xeno Sleeping

Xeno Sleeping

Xenos are nesting creatures that live underground caves. The Xenos dislike fire and go berserk when they see it. Xenos like to eat human heads, often leaving the rest of the body untouched. The creatures have two front talons that allow them to scale walls, and a prehensile tail that has enough force to pull off human's head. Xenos also have glands in their mouth that enables them to spew venom. Younger Xenos lives in symbiosis of an older Xenos, they nest on the back-pouch of an adult Xenos. Since the younger ones are more agile, they usually are the hunters. Xenos sleep hanging upside-down from a ledge, gripping the ledge with their tails, with the back facing the wall, presumably to protect the younger ones in the pouch. Xenos have bright green blood.



The quickest of the Xenos but also the weakest. They either attack with their two front talons, or with their tail.


While not as numerous as the infant version, these types are durable. Requiring more than one grenade to kill them. The pouch for infant Xeno's is also a weak spot. They resemble a very giant lizard.


  • In the Prima official strategy guide for Escape from Butcher Bay, Xenos are named as "critters".
  • Their design was possibly the inspiration for the Mud Demons in Riddick 2013, since both the Xenos and the Mud Demons look very identicle in terms of appearance.



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