Wrath of the Furyans

Wrath of the Furyans used on Vaako and his Necromongers.

"This mark carries the anger of an entire race... but it's going to hurt."

The "Wrath of the Furyans" may refer to the savage, or animalistic, powers of Riddick in displays of extreme endurance and almost boundless strength. The power was woken in him by Shirah, a female Furyan who comes to him in a dream. Riddick exemplifies the power in Escape from Butcher Bay, at which time he was under the threat of harm, or even death, at the hands of the head guard Abbott and his four subordinates. All but Abbot were subsequently slaughtered almost instantaneously. Abbot would follow soon.

The wrath of the Furyans would also be seen on Crematoria during the events in The Chronicles of Riddick. After using the power, Riddick is knocked unconscious and is dragged to safety by the Purifier. When he wakes he discovers that the Purifier is also a Furyan and carries the mark, which would most likely indicate that he can exert the power as well. The Purifier later kills himself for his betrayal of his race.

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