UPDATE: You asked, they answered! Specifically, Vin Diesel  (Riddick himself) and costar Katee Sackhoff (who plays badass bounty hunter Dahl ) answered community submitted questions in the latest installment of Expert Showcase: Special Edition. Check it out below... and when you're done, be sure to watch filmmaker David Twohy chat about the film with LordTJ and Zelda8999 (also below):

Are you ready to return to the dark with Riddick? The epic sci-fi franchise starring Vin Diesel is back on the big screen September 6, and the Riddick community on Wikia share their knowledge and excitement in this latest edition of Wikia's Expert Showcase! Our special guest is none other than the man behind the mythos -- the #1 expert on all things Riddick -- filmmaker David Twohy !

From the Riddick Wikia community, we're joined by LordTJ (Admin), and Zelda8999 (Editor). Watch as our panel of experts geek out with David, and talk about origins, secrets, and what's next in the Riddick realm!

Expert Showcase - Riddick Director David Twohy

Expert Showcase - Riddick Director David Twohy

Some exciting stuff there for Riddick fans! Leave your reaction in the comments...

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