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The Underverse is a constellation of dark, new stars. The Necromonger Empire consider it their promised land; that only the Lord Marshals of the Necromongers are known to have journeyed to.

Recruitment Speech[]

"In this verse... Life is antagonistic to the natural state. Here humans, in all their various races, are a spontaneous outbreak. An unguided mistake. Our purpose is to correct that mistake, because there is another verse. A verse where life is welcome, cherished. A ravishing evernew place called Underverse. But the road to that verse crosses over the Threshold ."
The Purifier
"Threshold, take us to the Threshold!"
—Necromonger Soldiers
"What you call death."
—Lord Marshal, Zhylaw the Last
"So, it is this verse that must be cleansed of life, so that Underverse can populate and prosper."'
—The Purifier