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The Chronicles of Riddick is a official licensed java mobile game developed by Plan_B Media, programmed by FAKT Software, and published by StarCut. The game was released on Jun 5, 2005[1] as a companion to the movie The Chronicles of Riddick. StarCut also made a media kit for mobile personalization[2].

Story[edit | edit source]

The story loosely follows the story from the movie.

Riddick searches the New Mecca for Abu al-Walid's house, upon finding him, Riddick goes to the Necropolis. Then Riddick goes to Crematoria, finds Kyra and escapes Crematoria. Riddick returns to Necropolis and kills Lord Marshal Zhylaw.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Riddick's movement is not smooth, as it is grid based, but he can sneak and jump. There are also obstacles on the ground that hurt Riddick when he stands in them, or needs to jump over to reach new areas. By breaking generators and dousing lights, areas can be darkened and Riddick's eyeshine mode kicks in for a limited time, during that time human enemies can't see Riddick. Riddick must find keycards, to open certain doors to progress. The keycards come in four different colors: red, yellow, green, blue.

Riddick has multiple weapons he can use to dispatch enemies, including: bare hands, ulaks, pistol, machine gun, laser gun, and a gravity gun. Most useful weapon out of them are Ulaks, as they can stun-lock the enemies, and can be used infinitely, while guns leave Riddick open for damage and run out of ammo. Human enemies respawn while turrets don't respawn.

Riddick has only three lives to complete the game. There are healing items on the maps, that can heal half of the life-bar, but the lost lives can't be recovered. It is recommended to leave more than one life for the boss fight as he hits quite hard.

The game consists of 6 stages. The game autosaves after each stage, and before the boss fight at the end of stage 6.

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