Spinner was Gale Revas's Executive Officer aboard the Dark Athena, also serving as her enforcer carrying out such tasks as killing and intimidating disloyal crew members and uncooperative inmates aboard the ship. Spinner showed an immediate dislike for Riddick, and the legend that surrounded him, when it was learned he had been stowing away on the Athena, thinking himself a more fierce force to be reckoned with and only seeing Riddick as mere sport.

Early LifeEdit

Despite being born into a wealthy family, Spinner was always a troublemaker. When he was a teenager, his parents sent him to military school in an attempt to straighten him out, but this only enhanced his killer instinct and troublesome nature. After graduation, he was eventually hired by Captain Irvin Senate as a mercenary aboard the Locust.

On the Dark AthenaEdit

As a mercenary, Spinner saw action during the Sol Lucian War, but after confronting and capturing the 18 year old Gale Revas, he could not bring himself to kill her for an unknown reason. As Revas climbed through the ranks as a mercenary, Spinner continued to follow her without question, eventually helping her overthrow Captain Senate and becoming the Executive Officer of the newly christened Dark Athena.

Years later, after the Athena had captured Johns, Spinner was ordered by Revas to find Johns' bounty, Riddick, who had managed to stow away aboard the ship.

Weeks later, Spinner was tasked with overseeing the abduction of colonists on the planet of Aguerra Prime, to be used as slaves and ghost drones. After Riddick managed to fight his way through most of the mercenaries and drones sent to the planet, the operation was halted halfway following the successful repair of the Athena's engines, and the crew was ordered back to the ship for take off. Riddick blew his cover while entering the refinery where the Athena was docked, prompting an enraged Spinner to order every merc present to kill the convict, until Riddick and Spinner finally met face to face. Spinner, donning a mech suit, attempted to stop Riddick from entering the Athena, asking if he wanted "a shot at the title", then screaming insults and taunts at Riddick throughout the fight. Eventually, Riddick was able defeat and mortally wound Spinner by destroying the mech with the SCAR Gun and grenades from two recently killed Alpha Drones. Spinner died from his wounds after sharing his disbelief at being bested by Riddick in combat.



Spinner In Mech Suit, defeated

Spinner was a textbook sociopath, believing himself to be superior to all others and having total disregard for all life he came across, although it is said he had certain romantic, or perhaps lustful, interests in Captain Revas herself, going as far as he could to please her no matter the cost. He took great pleasure in following Revas' orders which included killing and torturing disloyal crew members and inmates, and he even enjoyed turning the unfortunate people they captured into their horrific ghost drones. Riddick described him as just "another coward with a gun" easily inflicting pain and suffering on others because "he had never been through it himself". He was very confident and cocksure, telling Riddick just before they fought that he was the galaxy's "second baddest motherfucker" after himself, even going as far to taunt and ridicule Riddick during their battle. He showed great disbelief when Riddick finally defeated him, he even tries to deny his defeat in the face of death telling Riddick right before he died: "I could've had you". Spinner's most identifiable physical traits are the Dragon tattoo he sports on the right side of his bald head, and his large and menacing stature.


  • He is voiced by actor Wade Williams, probably best known for playing prison guard Captain Brad Bellick in the tv series Prison Break.
  • Spinner is playable in the Multiplayer part of the game.


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