Shirah is a Furyan who has spoken to Riddick since Pope Joe operated on him at Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. It is unclear if she is actually a living being or a spirit. She speaks to him usually through dreams (typically cryogenic) and hypnotic visions. Through these dreams and visions, Shirah awakens dormant abilities in Riddick, such as his Eyeshine and Wrath of Furya ability.

Shirah speaks to Riddick to manipulate him into taking control of the Necromonger Empire and get revenge for the massacre of the Furyans by killing the perpetrator of the massacre, Lord Marshal Zhylaw. Now that Riddick has killed Zhylaw and is in control of the Necromonger Empire, Shirah's goals are unknown.


  • David Twohy has stated that Shirah will play a more prominent role in the next film, if it is made as planned.[1]




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