Santana is the main antagonist in the film. He is an arrogant[1] captain of a seven-man mercenary crew[2], that first arrives on the planet after Riddick had activated the emergency beacon. He sets up a perimeter around the Mercenary Station P7 and provokes Riddick by showing him the box he plans to put his head in. Then he orders Luna to release the prisoner they have locked up at the moment, as they are "Going big now," suggesting that Santana's crew has never hunted any bounty head that could put up fierce resistance. After Luna has done what he asked, Santana shoots the prisoner in the back while she is running away.

Soon another merc ship arrives and Santana hails them via radio to inform them that he has everything under control, and they have no need to land. Irritated at the refusal of his radio messages he rushes outside with his crew and confronts the new Mercenary team, laughing at their uniformity and telling them that he and his crew are not sharing the bounty or the station, he eventually gives up after dubbing the new merc captain "Too Late." Grudgingly accepting them into the station Santana orders Boss Johns to put one of his ship's power nodes in the cabinet, since Riddick wants one of the ships.

After the sunset, Santana maintains the defensive perimeter expecting Riddick to come for the ships, using a Cyclops automated sentry he sets up patrols and positions with his team, hinting his inexperience against dangerous bounty heads yet again. Riddick immediately goes for the sentry's sensors (Having most likely seen them be placed) and causes the Cyclops to fail with its alarm blaring, pulling the plug Santana tries to replace the lost sensor before Johns hails him via radio asking if he swept and secured the station before Johns and his team arrived, dismissing Johns concerns Santana still becomes shaken and panics when one of his men reach for a top armor plate stuck in the sand, still jumpy, he witnesses his man take one step directly onto a predator hunting trap, trying to calm his man so he doesn't trigger more traps his efforts are in vain as his man screams and crawls before triggering another trap which kills him instantly, Santana hails one of his men to "break out the sweep gear" and is consistently met with silence. He then hears his men start engaging an obscure Riddick whilst searching for the missing man. The night ends after two more of Santana's men are killed or taken in covert attacks, two dead; one missing and presumed dead, Santana then reevaluates his crew's situation as he retrieves the traps and orders Luna to "Say something biblely" to the bodies.

With three of his men dead Santana agrees to work with Boss Johns. Delegated to Dahl's subordinate by Boss Johns, Santana repeatedly challenges and "Pervs out" Dahl. Boss Johns later suspects that Riddick might of gotten to the power nodes after Riddick baited the search team to his hideout and later because of a message written on the locker, Johns orders Santana to open the locker. Initially refuting Boss John's theories as they amount to Riddick stealing the key from Santana's neck, then figuring out the code without him, taking the nodes and then putting the key back on his neck. Whilst opening it, Johns doesn't relent and even speculates that Riddick may have re-coded the locker to kill Santana. Santana was still forced to open it, fortunately the code was the same and the power nodes were untouched. Visibly shaken, Santana doesn't replace the anti-personnel lock and it was revealed Riddick counted on that and nabbed the power nodes before hiding them. Then Riddick shows up and offers them the same deal he first wrote on the door, one ship for the mercs and one for him. Santana pulls a gun on Riddick, and Riddick's Jackal attacks him, they fight on the ground for a while, but Santana manages to pick up his gun and shoots the dog in the neck several times. Riddick is then captured by Boss Johns. When in chains, Riddick warns Santana that no matter what, he should not allow anyone to remove his chains as he will make sure Santana would die within 5 seconds after that. It starts raining and Mud Demons swarm the station. Everyone wants to free Riddick, but Santana remembers the warning and pulls a machete on Boss Johns, having not lost anyone besides his three men from the first night Santana and his crew quickly seizes control and holds Dahl and Johns at gunpoint. Johns managed to free Riddick's one leg, and Riddick used it to kick the machete out of Santana's hand, kick Santana back, and then kick the falling sword through his head, killing Santana. Riddick then kicked the head box near Santana's feet to catch half of his head, fulfilling another prophecy he made earlier.



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