Rykengolls (aka. Rychen Golls, and Golls) seem to be brutal barbarians and pirates. They are one of four elder races and originate from Kovan Sector.

They appear as blind Siamese twins, stitched together back to back and limb to limb, living and moving like a single organism, trailing a train of daggers, used to blind one of their own.

The Rykengolls have a religion. They believe that only the blind can see God. They petitioned the Tabula Prima for recognition as a true religion, however they are considered a dangerous cult, with violent recruitment campaigns throughout the Kovan Sector.


Kyra was slaved out to a group of them, they tortured her and she killed them all.

They also tried to rob Riddick once, and boarded his ship, but he killed their entire crew and took their ship instead.



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