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The Chronicles of Riddick is a science fiction franchise, spanning from movies, videos games, animation, and motion comics.

The series chronicles the anti-hero Richard B. Riddick (portrayed  & voiced by Vin Diesel) life in the 28th century. The Chronicles of Riddick was initially created with the release of Pitch Black, and gained popularity in 2004 with the release of The Chronicles of Riddick. After a decade, two video games, an animated film, and motion comic, Riddick returned to the big screen for the third time in the self titled film Riddick.



Riddick is the third live-action film in the Chronicles of Riddick franchise which brought the titualr character Riddick back to the silver screen after nine years. Riddick was released September 6, 2013 and was successful bringing in $98 million on  a $40 million budget. It was released on Bluray and DVD January 14, 2014 topping the home media sales of it's release week. As of Januar 26, 2014 Universal Pictures and One Race Films are pursuing to make the fourth Riddick movie.

Much of the story for Riddick and the next two films were planned out in Vin's kitchen in 2009, where David and Vin would talk for lengths of time throwing out ideas. After finally nailing a solid story, David wrote a screenplay for the film, which returned Riddick to his animal side. The story would draw the themes of Pitch Black and the Chronicles while maintaining story continuity.

Riddick has been double crossed by the Necromongers and left on sun scorched planet where he finds himself fighting for his life against an alien race of predators. In order for Riddick to get off of the planet is for him to activate an emergency beacon, which alerts mercenaries who come immediately in search of their bounty, Riddick. Read more >>

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The Chronicles of Riddick is a 2004 sci-fi film featuring the characters established in Pitch BlackDavid Twohy wrote and directed the film and Vin Diesel co-produced. The Chronicles takes place five years after the events in Pitch Black, and is set 505 years in the future, where Riddick who's been in hiding is now forced back on the map after a bounty has been put on his head from a man he once knew. In the end he will find out that his true destiny is to rule the universe. On a reported budget of $110 million the film was mostly shot in Canada where incentives were used to lower the budget to $105 million. Vin Diesel was payed $11 million for his role as the anti-hero, and ultimately kept pursuing Judi Dench to star in the movie. The film was shot over the course of 85 days on sound stages using green screens and sets. The original plans were to introduce a new trilogy and lore, one that would rival the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, but ultimately the movie bombed at the box office. The Chronicles only brought in $57,761,012 in domestic receipts and $58,011,721 in foreign receipts, this caused Universal to shelf Riddick for good. Read More >>

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The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black is a 2000 science fiction action movie directed by David Twohy, and is widely recognized as the acting breakthrough of Vin Diesel. The film was initially released as Pitch Black, but after the release of The Chronicles of Riddick it was renamed The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black; All Riddick related media since has borne the "Chronicles of Riddick:" branding. The film was shot in Australia over the course of 65 days.

Set 500 years in the future and 25 years after the Necromonger invasion of Furya , the Hunter Gratzner accidentally passes through a comet's tail while on auto-pilot. The ship along with its passengers crashes onto a desert planet. The ship's captain (Tom Mitchell) dies in the initial pass through the comet's tail, and the crash kills the navigator (Greg Owens). Among the survivors are the ship's pilot (Carolyn Fry); a dangerous criminal (Richard B. Riddick); his captor (William J. Johns); a Muslim Imam (Abu al-Walid) and his three acolytes (HassanAli and Suleiman); a young stowaway (Jack); an antique dealer (Paris P. Ogilvie); and two Australian settlers (Zeke and Shazza). Riddick manages to escape in the ensuing chaos of the crash. Read More >>



Soumik4u Soumik4u 8 September 2015

Riddick series: UnderVerse

Impatient for the next Riddick movie. Read the story of Riddick's journey to the UnderVerse- Riddick in UnderVerse

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LordTJ LordTJ 28 July 2014


Hey everyone just letting you all know I've created Riddick map that you all can edit and things too. Feel free to add pins to where events, plantes, and characters emerged from the franchise.


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