Pope Joe was a convict who lived as a hermit and preacher in the underbelly of Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. He dedicated himself to cleansing the humanoid dwellers who reside in the sewers.

At one point, when Riddick escaped from the first cell block of Butcher's, Pope Joe enlisted Riddick in finding his voice box (a tye-dye color radio tuned to a religious radio station), which the dwellers had stolen. Before Riddick left, Pope Joe allowed him to use his NanoMED machine, and gave him some flares and extra shotgun ammo to help him in both his search for the radio and his battle against the dwellers.

After Riddick accomplished this task, Joe, in return, helped him by stitching up a wound Riddick had gained on his arm. While Joe did so, Riddick experienced a Furyan awakening that was triggered by Shirah. This awakening activated Riddick's eyeshine. In response, Riddick grabbed Joe by the throat and accused him of tampering with his eyes, but Joe responded that he only stitched up Riddick's injured arm.

Riddick chose to remember this experience differently. He believed (at least until he gained full knowledge of his Furyan origins) that Joe did a surgical shine job operation on his eyes in return for 20 menthol Kools.

Pope Joe Concept

Pope Joe Concept

Following this incident, Pope Joe allowed Riddick use his NanoMed machine once more to heal any other injures, and then led him to safe passage out of the sewers. After Riddick left, Pope Joe continued to live alone in the sewers.

Two guards later talked in the mines how a tunnel was discovered from the pit to the guard quarters and that they caught a con in there. That means that Pope Joe was moved to general prison area, and his future is unclear.



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