Pitch Black: Slam City is a short flash comic prequel to Pitch Black available for download at the Pitch Black website[1] created by animator Brian Murray with David Twohy. Slam City is in the form of a recreation of an official, confidential prison record detailing Riddick's arrival and escape from the Ursa Luna Penal Facility aka. "Slam city", in eleven hours twenty-two minutes. Notably, it shows Riddick undergoing the surgery that gives him "eyeshine" -- the ability to see in the dark -- and paying for this with a pack of Kool cigarettes as mentioned in Pitch Black. William J. Johns is seen at the end of the movie and is charged with capturing Riddick.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Some consider the source of Riddick's eyeshine to have been retconned based on events revealed in Escape from Butcher Bay. In the game, Riddick receives his eyeshine in a much different fashion. The rest of the Slam City video (his escape from Slam City) may be canon, though.

In the original Butcher Bay, a scene was removed which can be seen in the PS3 version of Dark Athena, where it states that the Slam City events are how Riddick chooses to believe it happened. Also, the Slam City movie is stated to be a re-enactment of Riddick's escape meaning that it is publicly assumed that he received his eyeshine in Slam City, because he was there and there was a doctor who could have done it for him there. However, this public assumption does not necessarily reflect the truth.

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