Pavlo was a senior resident who lived on Aguerra Prime.

Biography Edit

Pavlo was sent to the Cassinia Majora Camp, by dirty regulators, for being a defier. He was branded with a tattoo on the right side of his forehead, like the others. After twelve years, he was able to escape and move to Aguerra, which became his home for many years. However, he admits that he sometimes feels homesick. He is a bit paranoid and expects the plitz to come for him any moment. Despite that he managed to get a job as the Aquerra mine foreman. He likes to do some Algae-Welk fishing.

Riddick meets him after the invading mercs from the Dark Athena invade the planet. He gives a key to Riddick for the armory so that Riddick can acquire the SCAR Gun and a gas mask for the old man. Upon returning to Pavlo's residence, Riddick finds the house occupied by the mercs and Pavlo's body.


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