The Quasi-Dead Probing Riddick

The Order of the Quasi-Dead is a subdivision of the Necromonger empire that deals with telepathic communication through Quasi-Deads, primarily in military communications. However, they also serve as pilots for Necromonger Fighters. As a result of the Quasi-Deads' telepathic skills the Necromongers have a fast and safe communication in deep space.


Early HistoryEdit

The Order of the Quasi-Dead was started by Kryll when he was a technical officer. The group is made up of Quasi-Deads, who are ascetics who deprive themselves of all nourishment and are always edging the line between life and death, and use all their bodily resources for mental advancement, eventually leading to telepathy.

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Quasi Dead

Krill spent years directing this group and observing its growth. Eventually, he approached Baylock, the Lord Marshal at the time, and offered him the use of Quasi-Deads in Baylock's war against the Carthodokks, which took place in the Neibaum System. The Carthodox had the upper hand in the war, which was mostly due to their ability to intercept Necromonger radio transmissions and plan their attacks, defenses, and movements in advance, causing disastrous casualties for the Necromongers. Krill's offer came at a time when Necromonger morale was at an all-time low. Baylock accepted this offer and quickly pressed a network of Quasi-Deads into service.

Each Necromonger ship was given at least one Quasi-Dead, which became a permanent rule for the Order of the Quasi-Dead. The installation of Quasi-Deads gave the Necromongers a huge advantage over the Carthodokks, who could not intercept these instant psychic communications and had much slower moving communications. The usage of Quasi-Deads quickly led to a Necromonger victory in the war.

The Creation of the Greater Quasi-DeadEdit

When Krill became the next Lord Marshal, he refined the Order of the Quasi-Dead and created the Greater Order of the Quasi-Dead. This group was made up of five advanced Quasi-Dead who could read and probe the mind of any human being and could hemorrhage the brain of anyone whose mind they were reading (but they only did this if the subject was resisting their mind probing). They were used exclusively by the Lord Marshal while the normal members of the Order of the Quasi-Dead, known then as "Lesser Quasi-Deads", continued to serve as instant personal and military communications.


The Purifier's commentary on the Order of the Quasi-Dead is as follows: "The Quasis owe their existence to Krill, our fifth Lord Marshal. These ascetics deprive themselves of virtually all nourishment, and as a result are able to direct all power and energy to their minds. It was by using their telepathy that Baylock struck down the Carthadokks, and that Krill lead the great Necromonger expansion unchecked. The Quasi Chamber travels now in the basilica, where the Greater Order of the Quasi-Dead resides. And it is here that the Necromongers can discover the inherent weakness of all mortals."