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Not-Furya is an unnamed planet. The planet has one moon with an unstable surface.


The surface of this planet has various environments. Sulfur pools with yellow sand are plenty in the canyons of this planet and are home to large shoals of Sulfur Eels. During the day the sky is yellow, and weather conditions are hot and dry. Higher areas have savanna-like environment. The mountains have sandstone like qualities. The planet has sandstorms and rainstorms. Rainstorms make the planet's surface muddy and releases underground hibernating Mud Demons. It is not clear whether the planet orbits around a red shiny volcanic moon or a sort of gas giant, but the celestial object doesn't reflect the sun light, making Not-Furya's nights extremely dark.

Native LifeEdit

The planet is inhabited by various forms of life, both fauna and flora. It even has remnants of intelligent natives. Since there are cave carvings that have alien writings under it.


Not-Furya seems to have known civilization before the age of technology. During his wandering, Riddick discovers an artificial cave with a dark obsidian monolith at the center and a small pool in front of it, possibly a ritual circle. The walls of the cave are covered with engravings about the planet and the mud-demon plague during the rain seasons. It is not clear if the planet was abandoned by this civilization at some point, or if the local fauna has procedurally exterminated the inhabitants season after season.

At one point Mercenary Guild constructed Mercenary Station P7 as a meeting place for mercenaries on this planet.

Krone dropped Riddick on this planet instead of Furya and left him to die, hence the planet came to be known as "Not-Furya". Two merc ships came for Riddick, with total of 11 mercenaries, 8 of them died on this planet.

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