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New Mecca is the capital city on the planet Helion Prime. It was the destination to which Imam Abu al-Walid is traveling on the Hunter Gratzner ship. New Mecca seems to be central in politics, religion and democracy in the outer systems. The city has a strong police and military force. Jet-like ships patrol the sky over the city approaching and shooting down any ship that doesn't have clearance. Officers patrol the streets in constant rotations. The city even has anti-aircraft cannons used to attack any invading force. It appears that many, though not apparently all, of the city's inhabitants follow the Imam's faith (Islam). The city is eventually invaded by Necromonger Empire and partially destroyed.


New Mecca on Helion Prime

Imam's commentary on New Mecca is as follows: "When man spread to the stars, he took his various faiths with him. On Earth, Islam faces Mecca and the black stone at the heart of the Kaaba Shrine. On Helion, we face New Mecca and a fragment of that same stone placed inside a sister shrine. But Helion is home to many people of many cultures, and we manage to coexist in peace, united by a purity of spirit."

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