Miles Rednox was a captive aboard the Dark Athena, he had a wife named Jenny and daughter named Joya on Jalta who apparently wouldn't have any way of knowing what happened to him. He was being converted into a Ghost Drone and he asked Riddick to end his suffering. Before his death, he asked Riddick to deliver a note he had written for his family and hid in his cell.

Miles' note to his wife Edit


I'm writing this note to you from a cell. I'm on a ship called the Dark Athena. We got attacked. Don't know if this letter will ever get to you, but I had to try.

They say they're holding us until it's our turn. At first i didn't understand what that meant. Then another prisoner told me. I wish he hadn't. I'm scared Jenny. But when I think of you, it's like a soothing blanket being wrapped around me.

I'm sorry. But I just, in case I don't come back, I want you to know that I love you and our little Joya more than anything in my life. There's some money. I've been saving up, I didn't tell you about it. It's hidden in the wall behind the bed. I'm sorry it's not more.

Hope this letter reaches you. So you'll know. In case. And know that I was thinking of you. all the time. Please don't let Joya forget that her daddy loved her.

I love you!



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