Max Dacher was a double agent, for thirty years, for two competing military corporations until he was betrayed by one of his colleagues. Both corporations thought him a double agent for the opposition, one decided to court martial him, the other put a price on his head.

Max Dacher didn't think twice when being offered a job as a janitor on the Newland Transport - it was the ticket out for himself and his wife, Inira. They would get new identities and settle down on a nice peaceful colony planet far from his old troubles. they wouldn't have to live in fear anymore.

On the Newland transport, the unclean and cramped conditions aboard led to a virulent outbreak that claimed Inira's life a few months after coming aboard. Dacher could only watch as his wife succumbed to the disease, taking away his dream pf a clean break from hi sold life. Dacher could see no point in going on and had decided to kill himself when fate steered him another direction. He came across a little girl, in an engine room, who had become separated from her parents on the huge ship - her name was Lynn Silverman.

Dacher reunited Lynn with her parents and they took him in as a friend on the long journey ahead. Dacher found a new purpose in life - to help little Lynn and her family survive the journey. And then the mercs boarded the ship

While imprisoned aboard Dark Athena, he met with Riddick, he first steered him towards Lynn's mother, Ellen Silverman for went-tool. After Riddick had obtained it, Dacher put his plan into motion. He needed a data-pad to remotely connect to the ship and aid Riddick. Together they set the prisoners free for a distraction, so they can escape along with the Silvermans. Ellen was killed before they managed to get a ship to escape. Max was first who entered the escape ship, but was ambushed by the captain of dark Athena, Gale Revas, who proceeded to slice his throat, kiling him.


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