Margo Marvins wanted to be a merc since he was but a child. in his youth he was known as "Mad" Magro Marvins, because of his hair-trigger temper and total disregard for life or limb. Working years as a merc however has left it's mark, and now he longs for a more peaceful life.

Aboard the Dark Athena Edit

Margo-tooth scene

Margo Tooth Scene

Margo was a merc serving aboard the Dark Athena and he used to be friends with Jaylor, until Margo reported him wanting to rape Ellen Silverman. Jaylor was sent to the jail cells in the Athena. Margo though himself one step closer to retirement. After Riddick made his way to the cells, when he stowed away on the Athena, he came across Jaylor who would not give him the codes he needed, to access parts to make himself a vent tool, unless Riddick found and killed Margo for him. Riddick eventually found Margo in the Berthing area of the ship. Margo then fled at the sight of the incoming killer, ordering several other mercs, including the fearsome Ironlord to kill him. After Riddick dispatched all of the men sent after him, he went for Margo himself in his room where Riddick quickly killed him by stabbing in the back with his Ulaks after easily deflecting Margo's attack. Riddick then punched out Margo's distinctive gold tooth and brought it back to Jaylor as proof of his death. Riddick would later find Margo's special locker on the ship which contained a shotgun for him to use.


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