The View of M6-117 from Hunter Gratzner

M6-117 is a desert planet in the M-344/G System[1]. It is known for being the location of the Hunter Gratzner crash, and also for its strange position in the solar system in relation to the other celestial bodies in the system, and the dangerous nocturnal predators that infest the planet.

Climate[edit | edit source]

Render of M6-117 on Monitor

The planet is sandy and arid. There is little plant life and little water as well (although it rains during the rare "night" period of total eclipse). Most animal life has been exterminated by Bioraptors. There is barely enough oxygen in the atmosphere to allow human beings to breathe, and due to the lack of a normal amount of oxygen on the planet, most humans constantly feel out of breath and exhausted.

Total Eclipse[edit | edit source]

The planet is located between three suns in the system, and is in constant sunlight except during a lengthy total eclipse (some sources say the eclipse lasts a month; others say decades), when larger planets in the system block the three suns from the planet. During the eclipse, nearly all life on the planet is massacred.

Native Life[edit | edit source]

The dominant species on the planet are Bioraptors, which live in caverns underground except during the total eclipse. During this eclipse, they rise out of the ground and feast on all other animal life on the planet. Thus, most creatures are rendered extinct during this eclipse. One of the victim species were known as Cetaceans (even though they lived on land and walked). Though large and numerous, they were exterminated viciously by the Bioraptors. The only known species to survive the eclipse are the surface cave-dwelling Glow Worms, whose natural luminescence keeps them safe from Bioraptors.

History[edit | edit source]

Once the planet was inhabited by a team of geologists who erected Geological Outpost T2. Since the planet was in constant sunlight, virtually everything the colonists used was solar-powered. However, when the eclipse took place, this made all of their technology useless. Many colonists were killed, but some took refuge in the Coring Building, since it had the biggest and strongest doors. However, in their haste, they forgot to lock the cellar doors and Bioraptors quickly followed them in, slaughtering them.

Planet Side and the crashing of Hunter Gratzner

View From The Planet

For 22 years, the planet remained uninhabited and ignored, even though it was on at least one space travel lane. The day before the eclipse was due to take place again, the Hunter Gratzner, a transport ship bound for the Tangiers System, was damaged flying through the tail of a rogue comet. The crew barely managed to crash-land the ship, and only one crew-member survived, along with 11 passengers (out of a total number of 40). They discovered the archeologist colony and discovered the Bioraptors, herds of dead "whales", and learned that the eclipse would soon take place. They discovered the skiff that the colonists prepared for takeoff, put fuel into it, and managed to escape, although the vast majority of them died: the one remaining crew-member died, along with nine of the surviving passengers. The remaining three escaped in the skiff.

10 weeks after the Hunter Gratzner crash, Rescue Vessel Alpha 1 was sent to investigate the incident but the team disappeared as well, having been buried alive by sandstorms.[2] Two more teams were sent to the planet and contact was lost with both of them. On the third attempt, tactical nukes were used to clear landing areas, to no avail, due to sheer number of predators. Investigative autobots were then enlisted to gather evidence.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hunt for Riddick misnamed the planet as P474, and even as M-344/G (which is the name of the system where the planet resides).

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