Lynn Silverman was the daughter of Ellen and Ren Silverman who hid away in the air vents on the Dark Athena after their ship was attacked by the mercs.

Early LifeEdit

When Lynn's parents, Ellen and Ren Silverman, brought her aboard the Newland Colony Transport ship, she was just as excited as they were to head off to their new life. She knew it would be better than Leiden-9. Not that Leiden-9 was a bad place for her, but she could see in her parents' eyes a spark of hope that she had never seen before. It gave her a good, warm feeling seeing that look.

Lynn may only be six years old, but she is not like most kids her age. She has a unique understanding of how things work in the universe and what is needed to survive. With an insight that goes deeper than most grown-ups could ever hope to have, she realizes that weapons and muscle are far from the only tools a person can use to accomplish their goals.

The Dark AthenaEdit

When the bad men came, Lynn and her father were separated from her mom. Lynn escaped the clutches of the men and hid herself in the vents of the ship. She could do nothing but watch, horrified, from her hiding place, as they turned her daddy into a monster like them. After seeing what they'd done to him, all she could think about was saving her mommy. She had to make sure that what happened to daddy didn't happen to mommy too. She had to find a way to stop them. If only there was somebody bigger who could help her...

Riddick meets Lynn who is hiding from the guards in the air vent systems. Riddick makes his way to the prison cells and finds several people captured. There he meets Lynn's mother, Ellen Silverman. She offers to make Riddick the tools he needs to escape through the air vents if he can get the right parts. She also asks to find Lynn because she is concerned for her safety. Having again met with Lynn, Silverman keeps her word and makes him the tool he needs. Riddick frees the prisoners but most are killed, including Lynn's mother Silverman. He gets back onto the Dark Athena and meets Lynn again. She tells Riddick her mother taught her how to make the drones turn on Gale Revas' crew and attack them instead. Fighting ensues on the ship between the drones and the mercenaries. Lynn meets up with him and they are seen going into the elevator. She asks him if Revas is coming back, and Riddick answers "When I say goodbye, it's forever."


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