The Kublai Khan is a mercenary ship of Antonia Chillingsworth.


The Kublai Khan has a plantation operation, the ship loads mercenaries at port, as many as it can carry, keeping them frozen in cryogenic stasis.

Kublai Khan Cryo

Cryotubes for mercs

Then the ship, and its mercenaries, hunt down hundreds of bounties and put into cryogenics. Presumably the bounties are taken to prisons and cashed in, with certain bounties being kept for Antonia Chillingsworth's private collection.


Following their escape from M6-117, Riddick, Abu al-Walid and Jack B. Badd were captured and brought aboard the ship.



Flight deck

The Ship is built to hold hundreds of people in cryogenic storage, prisoners kept opposite of mercenaries. There is a private room called The Conservatory that keeps certain prisoners alive frozen with their minds still active as gruesome trophies. There is also a flight-deck on the ship that carries at least five smaller ships.

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