Kal Bonner is a friendless coward, who always tells stories of the mines or Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. Hoping that someone useful befriend him, and helps him with his problems. But everyone knows not to trust the fast-talkers. There is a rumor that he beat his wife to death after she called him "pussy". And that's why he was sent to Butcher Bay. Although he claims he's innocent.

Bonner was imprisoned in Butcher Bay Correctional Facility in the Single-Max Cellblock A, cell 37, in the same cell as Waman and Girish. He even wrote "Bonner Was Here" on the wall. Bonner made a deal with a guard named Jenkins. Bonner was supposed to talk with Hoxie, the warden, and get them both out. Bonner applied for the official petition for release, and it was approved. Bonner however didn't mention Jenkins and left the prison alone. After Butcher Bay Correctional Facility was overrun with Xenos, he somehow got off of that planet.

However he soon was captured by Gale Revas mercenaries from Dark Athena. Bonner met Riddick while on that ship. He tried to make friends with him, but failed since he didn't have any useful information to give Riddick. He boasted about Riddick's "heroics" in Butcher Bay. And that got an attention of Desiria Grinder also known by her Blueskins name Sad Eyes. Apparently Riddick had killed several Blueskins in Butcher Bay, and it made her very angry. Bonner tried to apologize to Riddick for mentioning it, but he got no response back. After Riddick has used the prisoner release as a diversion, Bonner was killed by a mechsuit.


  • Clues of Bonner's time in Butcher Bay were added in Dark Athena remake.

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