Jaylor was an ex-merc serving aboard the Dark Athena until he was betrayed by Margo Marvins and sent to the jail cells with the rest of the inmates.

Early LifeEdit

A lifelong psychopath who originally hailed from the Outerzone, until even they exiled him due to those same tendencies.

Aboard the Dark AthenaEdit

Jaylor got his job on the Dark Athena by sweet-talking someone into hiring him as a merc. That same person was executed a few weeks later, for a crime Jaylor had committed and pinned on him. Jaylor eagerly participated in sacking colonist worlds like Currian and was also on good terms with Margo Marvins, until Margo reported him after Jaylor foolishly boasted plans to corner and rape Ellen Silverman, one of the female prisoners, leading to his incarceration.

Riddick eventually came across Jaylor in the cells. Riddick needed a code from Jaylor to access parts for Silverman so she could make a vent tool for him. However, Jaylor agreed on one condition: the death of Margo for the codes, which Riddick agreed to and succeeded in, bringing back Margo's gold tooth as proof of his death. Jaylor thanked Riddick but expressed his intentions to rape Ellen once the cells were unlocked and asked Riddick to get her all "riled" up for him. When Riddick refused, Jaylor became furious with Riddick, yelling insults and threats at him and Silverman, now thinking Riddick has turned on him as well. Later, after the cells were unlocked and the inmates freed, he chased after, and eventually killed, Silverman right in front of Riddick and Lynn, Silverman's young daughter. He then started to taunt Riddick, attempting to ambush him by telling Riddick to put his gun away and fight like a real man. Riddick agreed and managed to beat Jaylor to death in a fistfight (though the player can also trick Jaylor into putting away his own gun), avenging Silverman.


  • If player changes his weapon to fists like Jaylor asks, he also puts his weapon away.
  • If the player equips a weapon to fight Jaylor, he attacks with an Assault Rifle.
  • One way to "cheat" in order to beat Jaylor is to lower your weapons so that he will come at you with his fists, then switch to a firearm and blast him at point blank rang while he is unarmed.
    • If this tactic is used, however, the trophy/achievement for killing Jaylor in a fistfight will not be achieved.


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