Jagger Valance is a resident of Butcher Bay Correctional Facility.

History Edit

Jagger Valance is only found in Escape from Butcher Bay. In Butcher Bay Jagger is seen as somewhat of a legend or a myth because he is the only one to get to the mines without a pass. The inmates of Butcher Bay all say that if Riddick wants to get out, Jagger is the man to find. Jagger had also been asking about Riddick, when he got into Double Max area. After Riddick worked his way down into the mines he met Jagger where they then formed a plan for both of them to escape. He sent Riddick to see Jupiter to retrieve and plant a bomb above the Xeno caves which would throw the guards into chaos and also open a hole to let him and Riddick get to a ship on a nearby docking bay. Jagger moved towards the ship alone so he wouldn't slow Riddick down, and left Graham, to relay a message for him.

Riddick succeeded in planting the bomb, but was captured by several guards immediately after. Riddick managed to make his way to the starship, where he found Jagger Valance waiting as planned, trying to open the door to the cockpit with little success with a screwdriver. Jagger hands the screwdriver to Riddick, who begins to open the door when Johns once again appears, knocking Jagger aside and aiming his gun at Riddick. He fails to notice the screwdriver however, and as he moves towards Riddick, Riddick stabs him in the side with it, as well as sending the gun flying towards Jagger. Riddick and Johns wrestle with over the screwdriver, both men nearly killing the other a few times, when Jagger takes a shot at Johns, grazing him but also hitting Riddick, who is hurt, but not mortally injured. As Johns and Riddick lay wounded on the floor, several guards arrive, spot the gun in Jagger Valance's hand, and promptly shoot him dead.



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