Hoxie is the warden of Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. He is introduced in the opening scenes of the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.


Little is known about Hoxie's past, though the medals on his chest indicate he is some sort of decorated military general, who at some point became the current warden of the Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. It is implied by Hoxie's initial encounter with Johns that the men have a history together and that Riddick will "cover what Johns owes him".

Hoxie takes a lot of pride in having Riddick in his prison, but comes to realize that Riddick is more trouble than he's worth and subsequently tries to put Riddick in Cryosleep. After Riddick escapes and defeats his personal guard, Hoxie is ultimately killed when Riddick ties him to a chair and dresses him up in his cryosuit and welding goggles. He is then shot to death by his own guards after they mistake him for Riddick.


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