An inactive Heavyguard 874

Heavyguards were large and heavily armored mechanical walkers used in Butcher Bay Correctional Facility, created by Zilos Corporation. One person is needed to pilot it and is more powerful than the Riotguards. In addition to its attached minigun, it also has a mortar/rocket launcher. When moving, it had the habit to jerk the cockpit up and down, making it hard to shoot as accurately as not moving.

The Heavyguard comes with a 5 year plating guarantee. It also features a great climate system for rough off-world battles and has included 100,000 steps free service.

Riddick first faced it during his escape from the Double Max prison, where it was mostly invulnerable to direct gunfire, Riddick defeated it by shooting at the explosive fuel barrels that were above the walker. Riddick is later able to pilot one while escaping triple max.

Battle Analysis Suggestions:Edit

  • Turn on auto aim assistance.
  • Do not walk into things.
  • Reduce speed to optimize aiming.
  • Conserve ammunition by walking over minor organic threats.
  • Use rockets against large non-organic targets.
  • Use a smaller guard unit when fighting in confined areas.
  • Pilot should read manual before operating this unit.
  • Use of a more skilled pilot to utilize this unit's full potential.
  • Pilot should activate full AI control...As pilot seems to have problems operating unit.
  • Pilot should turn off auto battle analysis...As pilot seems to not care at all for the provided information.


Heavyguard Concept

Heavyguard Concept

Defeating a Heavyguard in the Escape from Butcher Bay remake on the XBox 360, will result in an achievement point. Like the Riot Guard, entering the Heavyguard will also result in an achievement point.


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