Ghost Drone

Ghost Drones are practically gun-equipped walking corpses that are created by the crew of the Dark Athena to do their dirty jobs for them, the drones are able to operate on A.I. or be remote controlled by mercenaries from one of the many control stations. They are generally used to patrol many locations of Dark Athena instead of the mercenaries, when there isn't a lot of action around.

A.I. Mode and Remote ControlEdit

Drone Gun

Drone's Gun

There are two modes that you will see the drones in, A.I. mode or remote control mode.

A.I. ModeEdit

Also known as autonomous operation, a drone in this mode would have its "eyes" in red. While in A.I. mode, the drones' movement and behavior are severely limited and are almost completely helpless in the dark, this is because the drones would not be able to use flashlight that are available for the other mode. Drones in A.I. mode are extremely easy to deal with, as long as they do not have strength in numbers.

Remote controlEdit

Drone Alcove

Drone Alcove

Also known as master-slave operation, a drone in this mode would have its "eyes" in white. When remote controlled, the drones' capabilities would be increased due to a human making decisions instead of the A.I., in addition to physical movements, the drone would also be able to use the flashlight attached to its head, enable the drone to see in the dark. The controllers would be able to interact with the environment that the drone is in, in many ways, such as being able to hear what the drone hears and talking through the speakers attached on the drones, this is exhibited by the fact that the mercenaries spewing insults at Riddick while using the drones to hunt him down. You will, at points of the game, be given an opportunity to control drones.

Additional infoEdit

It should be noted that even if remote controlled, the drones can be forced into A.I. mode by using the stun gun. While stunned, the drone will not fall down like human enemies, but will remain standing instead. They will be switched to A.I. mode when they recover from the stun.

Drone StorageEdit

When drones are not in use, the Drones are stored in Drone Alcoves. It's also where the drones go though their maintenance and diagnostics. Dark Athena has several corridors full of Drone Alcoves.

How to make a Ghost DroneEdit


The Making of a Drone

To successfully make a ghost drone, you must first acquire a decent specimen for the body of the drone. The control scheme is simpler if the body is similar to human but aside from that any strong muscled warm blooded creature in good condition will do. Drones from other species tend to be harder to control and ultimately inefficient in their uses, usually due to a strong resistance to being controlled. It is advised not to experiment with other species until fairly experienced in the process.

Note: the subject must be alive at the time of droning.

Once you have chosen a body for your drone, it is necessary to anesthetize it, so as to allay any defensive mechanisms the body might exhibit.

First, replace the heart with the more efficient blood flow stabilizer pump; this insures longer life for your drone. After testing the pump control lines, attach the respiratory tubes to it, making sure there are no visible bubbles in the tubing.

Remove the top part of the skull in a cap-like fashion (a bone saw or plasma scalpel will do the job), make sure none of the vertebrae are damaged, as the remote control wiring will connect there. The XD2F7 Remote-Control Drone chip is inserted in area 79d of the brain tissue and CNG3B0 impulse reviser chip is inserted in section 113R. The JR30 Visual Optics should then be placed over the eyeballs, under the lids.

Thread the free ends of the respiration tubes through the facial cavities and down into the lungs. Hand fire a couple of breathe pulses to rinse the lungs of any fluid and then you may start the diagnostics process. Diagnostics is fully automated and after a couple of minutes your drones should be fully operational, capable of both limited autonomous operation and fully remote master-slave operation. Take it easy with the remote until the anesthesia has completely worn off.

Team Leader Ghost Drone Edit

Team Leader Ghost Drone are distinguished from the normal drone by it's black visor and the "eye's" surrounding it. They have more powerful weapons and are more durable than the normal drone.

Alpha DroneEdit

Alpha Drone Concept

Alpha Drone's Concept

Alpha Drones are massive drones that are at least twice the height of a normal human, each of them are equipped with a swivel-mounted machine gun which replaces its entire left arm and a grenade launcher that replaces the right arm below the elbow. These monsters are perhaps even less intelligent than standard drones, but the firepower that they pack make up more than enough for it, and can easily kill you if you're not careful enough. This, however, does not necessarily imply that they are difficult to put down.

Taking it outEdit

Normal weapons do no damage to these abominations. The only weapon that could damage it in any way is the SCAR Gun. All 5 SCAR mines must be attached and detonated simultaneously in order to stun it so that Riddick can move in and finish it with his Ulaks. Upon death, the drone will become a source for an infinite amount of grenades, which can be used to blow up obstacles or attack enemies, but they must be thrown quickly, as the timer activates the moment they are picked up.

It is also possible to use 4 SCAR mines and then quickly take it out with the Ulaks. You must be standing very close to it, as it will get up quickly.

Remote controlEdit

Just like any drone, the alpha drones, too, can be controlled. However, as they are still prototypes, destruction of the drones will cause harm to Riddick. You will be given a chance to control them towards the end of Assault on Dark Athena.

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