Outer Planetary Mining Camp

The Geological Outpost T2 was founded by a geological survey advance team. They scanned the planet for minerals, finding the likes of: Cinder, Evaporite, and Gypsum.[1] It relied solely on the solar power provided by M6-117's three suns for energy, and consisted of multiple structures, including a Water Reticulation Unit and a coring room.

22 years before the Hunter Gratzner survivors discovered it, an eclipse had rapidly released millions of Bioraptors (both adult and infant), forcing the geology expedition team to immediately abandon most of their work and take shelter inside the structure with the most resilient doors, the coring room. However, they forgot to lock the cellar door, leading to their demise.

When the outpost was discovered by the survivors of the Hunter Gratzner crash, the site was abandoned, although functional to an extent. They repaired the Water Reticulation Unit, and the Sandcat. They also found a functional Skiff, which was missing the power nodes. Carolyn Fry discovered the orrery and they learned of the eclipse. After retrieving the power nodes from Hunter Gratzner, they started the Skiff and 3 people manged to leave the outpost.


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