Gabril was a citizen of New Venice on Aguerra Prime. He saw Dark Athena landing and how the mercenaries poured out of it. When the mercenaries swept the streets for survivors he holed up in the Refinery communication room, and tried to get a signal to neighboring systems. Once Riddick answered his call, Gabril asked him to destroy signal jammers that Dark Athena mercenaries set up after the gas attack. It's unknown if Riddick helped him or not. He was killed by Spinner

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Helping Gabril in the game is optional.
  • However, if the player helps him, the door to the communication room in the refinery will open, And Riddick can get a sniper rifle.
  • Agreeing to help Gabril, and destroying the jammers ensures his death by Spinner.
  • Refusing to help him also ensures his death by Spinner.
  • But agreeing to help him and not destroying the jammers, lets him live.

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