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"Furyans, defiant to the end."


The Furyans are a distinct deviation of humans who developed impressive physical abilities due to their adaptation to Furya; a harsh planet now believed by many to be either dead or cursed - making Furyans an endangered species. Furyans are mentioned as one of four "elder races."


Humans are classified largely by the planet they inhabit. Some, which dwell on very mild planets (reminiscent of Earth) can be reflected as any human in our reality. However, those that settled on much harsher planets, such as the largely unstable Furya, have evolved very unique characteristics absent in other renditions of humanity across the galaxy. That is to say, Furyans are much hardier, having been forced to adapt to the unforgiving climate and rigid landscape of their new "homeworld." That said, perhaps the most defining feature of Furyans is their incredible legacy as powerful, spiritual warriors.

Many months before Riddick was born, a powerful Necromonger commander, Zhylaw; (who will later become the Lord Marshal seen in The Chronicles of Riddick feature film) leads an unrelenting genocidal assault on Furya in an attempt to void his fate divulged to him by an Elemental (a fate that dictated he would be killed by a young male Furyan). The genocide on Furya nearly extinguished all Furyan life. It was the belief of Zhylaw that the only remaining Furyans had been converted; that there were no survivors whatsoever. However, Riddick, and Shirah survive (Shirah's existence is relatively ambiguous). She often speaks to Riddick through some form of telepathic communication. It's left unclear if Riddick is in congress with another surviving Furyan or a Furyan spirit. In either case, questions are raised as to how such a link is possible.

Following the events of The Chronicles of Riddick, Riddick is seated at the throne of Necromonger Empire, having replaced the Lord Marshal as their iconic and religious leader, made possible through another Necromonger belief: "You keep what you kill."


While not necessarily superhuman, Furyans exhibit remarkable feats of strength and endurance even at a young age. Their muscles perform with more power than is usually seen in humans of athletic build, and they can even recover from certain injuries which would cripple most humans.

Riddick himself has obtained what is called either "The Wrath of the Furyans", "The Rage of Fury" (as stated by David Twohy), or "The Furyan Rage". Essentially, the title defines the collective anguish, pain, suffering, and anger of the billions of Furyans who didn't escape the Necromonger slaughter. He uses it against Vaako and his hunting party of Necromonger soldiers. This phenomenon kills many of the soldiers, except Vaako and the Purifier (who was a Furyan convert). Riddick also uses this technique against Abbott and his fellow prison guards in Butcher Bay Correctional Facility, after being interrogated.

At least some of them appear to have the ability to transfer energy between one another. An example is Shirah's awakening the "Wrath of the Furyans" inside Riddick and leaving an aura-like handprint on his chest. A similar handprint was also discovered by Riddick on the Necromonger Purifier's chest.

The extent of the physical abilities of a Furyan are unknown. Riddick himself has held his own against particularly difficult Dark Planet bioraptors; he also quickly reset his arm after it was dislocated by Johns, a bounty hunter trying to capture him. Riddick has also shown the ability to dislocate and pop his own shoulders back in, to escape from being shackled to the Hunter Gratzner's bulkhead. This may be a Furyan trait (double-jointed) or simply a skill of Riddick's. He has also been shown to be adroit and athletic, moving surprisingly fast for a man his size and weight, being able to cover great distances and not tire as easily as normal humans; he can also leap impressive distances and can perform otherwise practically impossible physical feats that most humans would be hard-pressed to duplicate. Additionally, Furyans can temporarily withstand temperature extremes that would be fatal to normal humans. This was demonstrated during The Purifier's suicide, which took several seconds in Crematoria's heat while others were instantly vaporized.

Some Furyans see in the dark which is why Riddick's pupils are white and why he always wears goggles during the day or in places with bright lights. This ability to see in the dark also as a side effect makes their eyes sensitive to daylight and bright light in general.

Known Furyans[]