Flattery C-19 From Movie

The Flattery C-19, a short range skiff with Moling Capability, used by the mercenary Toombs, and Rookie Mercenary to track Richard B. Riddick.


Toombs used this model of ship during a mission to capture Riddick for bounty on planet U.V.6, before the latter stole it from him. Riddick got to New Mecca on Helion Prime onboard the ship, where Toombs later tracked and then recovered it using the onboard locator beacon, subsequently employing it to transport Riddick to Crematoria. During the later run across the planet's surface, both the prisoners and the guards were racing to get to this ship, as it was their only mean of escape. Eventually, after having been left alone on the planet, Riddick flew the skiff back to Hellion Prime to confront his archenemy, the Lord Marshal of the Necromongers.


  • ADJ: Medium range All Purpose craft, Moling capability
  • Engine type: B1 Star drive
  • Fuel type: Solid Amoline fuel cells
  • Fuel Capacity: 2-700 Kilo
  • Fuel/Distance Ratio: 1.1 LY/700 K Cell



The cockpit of C-19