Femme-Merc is an unnamed mercenary that was interested Lawman's proposition in Mr. Kammal's bar. She has several cybernetic augments to make her job easier, like metabolism control and the illegal Nervous System Acuity Sensor. She also has injectors in her fingers.

She got suspicious of the Lawman and called the Chiroptera Insurance, for further info in the Hunter Gratzner crash. She learned that the insurance on Paris P. Ogilvie cargo alone were 500000 credits, and extra for the ship. She proposed to prove them that the crash was human error, and get 250000 credits for it. She then kidnapped the lawman and wanted more information about the crash. The Lawman eventually gave her the final disk, from the Geological Outpost T2 that showed the Bioraptor attack on the outpost. That last intel frightened her considerably.


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