Exbob (formerly known as Bob) was a mentally deranged prisoner aboard the rogue merc ship, the Dark Athena. At one time, he was involved in a heist along with the Raker Twins. However, the twins and Bob became trapped when the tunnel they came in collapsed. After a long duration of being trapped, and the human waste piling up, the Raker twins blamed Bob for their predicament, calling him exBob for no longer being so smart. Gradually the twin's threats became serious and more severe, prompting Bob to kill them before they decided to kill him instead. The event of killing left Bob in a distressed state, now calling himself Exbob and becoming extremely agitated.

At some time, he became a prisoner aboard the Dark Athena, and was one of the prisoners killed by the Athena's riot squad when Riddick opened the cell doors.


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