Aereon: an Envoy of the Elementals

Elemental are one of four elder races in the universe. Their sightings are rare outside their own home world of Quintessa, It is there, secluded among their own, that they engage in the calculation of the known universe. Their Everstean computers continually gather and input all known information processing the protean permutations involved in calculating the cosmic balance.

A race of humans so moved by the teachings and mathematics of Plato and the Greeks "The beginning is the most important part of the work" that they adopted the five elements of Platonian physics: air, water, fire, earth and quintessence or aether.

"Balance" is "the all" to the Elementals. They have 33 different words for it, but at the beginning of The Chronicles of Riddick they seem most interested in the balance of opposites. Some think Elementals Atheistic because they calculate rather than worship. Others see them as a benign race only interested in the continuum of humankind. Presumptions aside, one thing is true, where walk the Elementals chaos often follows.

According to information conveyed in the film, the Elementals are a logical race, deciding their actions on complex calculations rather than on personal opinions or emotion. They are largely a neutral people, apparently unwilling to participate in the conflicts that they view as beneath them, but take action when their calculations show that their intervention is necessary. As to a religious point of view of the elementals the Necromongers point out that the elementals don't believe in any god. Dame Vaako in the film refers to Elementals as witches and spies but this is most likely a propaganda insult due to their neutrality and beliefs.

An air elemental, named Aereon, appeared in The Chronicles of Riddick.


Dame Vaako's commentary on Elementals is as follows: "Elementals are beings who tempt with bold predictions of success or dire warnings of disaster. For most, their counsel does little else but promote false hope and invisible messiahs. And even though they speak of neutrality, I would warn that I have yet to meet an Elemental without an agenda."

Aereon's commentary on Elementals is as follows: "In every conflict, it is the ambassadors of neutrality whose opinions matter most. Such is the way of the Elementals, a race that calculates the balance of the universe and works to preserve that balance by any and all means, though always with a neutral eye. Devotees of Plato, they embody the five elements of the universe – earth, water, fire, aether, and air."

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