Dresden was another Mercenary hunter who picked up Riddick's trail after the Escape from Butcher Bay as recorded in Johns' Pursuit Log (found in the Bonus features of the TCoR: Pitch Black DVD).


Dresden started to track Riddick from Tangiers Penal Colony. He met William J. Johns, who preferred to work alone. Although Johns thought little of him, Dresden managed to trail Riddick better than him. Dresden was named as Tangiers best bounty hunter for a reason. After 50 days, Dresden tracked Riddick to Lupus 5, where Riddick killed him, by cutting his back open down the spine.

Pursuit Log EntriesEdit

The entries that reference Dresden read as follows...

13 DAYS OUT -- I'm headed for Tangiers Penal Colony. It's home to the highest-running bounties and some pretty fine spiced noodles. Doubt they have any leads. You know I can see Riddick's goggled ass every time I close my eyes and start to drift. I'm watching out for other mercs... I don't wanna play partners... one named Dresden.

25 DAYS OUT -- On the look out for Dresden - imitator, jackass. Tangiers poster boy this month, my ass. Thinks he knows how this job gets done. Who's he ever busted... He knows shit. He's not even close to the scent... Doesn't have that cold metal tickle on his spine.

47 DAYS OUT -- I took a week to get right. Keep doping that eye, doc says. Problem is, I'm the only doc I know. I'm finding traces of Riddick everywhere... And Dresden, too. Gotta trade up on my transport.

53 DAYS OUT -- Dresden found dead on Lupus 5. Sliced down the spine. Not so tough after all, jackass. Seems like Riddick's been thinking about me.


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