"The Athena, lady of sin that lit up my life. Listen... She's serenading us, the dark angel of the abyss... harmony."
—Unknown mercenary aboard the Athena
Dark Athena

Dark Athena as seen in game

Dark Athena is the name of the Mercenary Juggernaut featured in The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. It is captained by Gale Revas.


Creation Edit

Originally named the Bellocka MV, the ship that would become the Dark Athena was designed as a military ship in the Tangiers System's Katlin Shipyards before the Wailing Wars.

Under SenateEdit

The original captain of the Dark Athena was a man named Irvin Senate. The Executive Officer at the time was a loyal man named Yoto. During this time, the ship was known as the Locust and it was Senate who equipped the ship with its armaments. Also during this time, potential mercenaries went through a thorough screening process. This was when Margo Marvins was recruited.

Under RevasEdit


Dark Athena

The ship underwent massive changes when Revas took command. The most blatant was changing it's name to the Dark Athena; Revas chose to name the ship after her mother. Internally the ship underwent changes as well; both Senate and Yoto were thrown into holding cells, Spinner became the new Executive Officer, Revas added a Stable to her quarters for all her sexual needs, the underground fight club between crew members became much more rampant (with Ironlord as the undisputed king), the thorough screening process was all but dropped leading to a much more vicious bunch of mercenaries (including Jaylor), and most infamously the Drones were created. The Athena's range of operation became much more illicit, and edged towards piracy.

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