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"If I owned this place and Hell, I'd rent this place out and live in Hell."
Crematoria Slam

Outside Crematoria.

Crematoria Slam Facility is a triple-max prison drilled into the surface of Crematoria in the Igneon System, one of the most inhospitable worlds in the universe.


Crematoria Prison Cells

Crematoria prison cells.

Crematoria is considered inescapable because of the hazardous planetary conditions. The convoy party gets to the prison by a draisine driving 29,4 kilometers underground.

The prison complex is a massive vertical underground cave with prisoners living in smaller caves in the walls. The administration is inside an observation structure under the ceiling that can be raised to ground level.

Crematoria has little to no control over inmates, leaving them to themselves. If needed, the lockdown procedure, also known as "feeding time," works by releasing the Hellhounds for the terrified prisoners to lock themselves up in their cells in time. The unfortunate ones get eaten alive by creatures.


A small group of enforcers operates the prison with Vasilev in charge.

Vasilev Anatoli Petrov Grigorev Ivanov Kyznetsov Smirnov
Tikhomirov Vladimir Pavlov Yakovlev


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