Ceryll "the Guv" Cantaglia was a criminal. He had a wife named Ellen.

He ran the hard end of the Benz-Kardak coda on Sigma Minor successfully for an unprecedented 17 cycles. Although arrested for 23 separate infractions, from extortion to murder, he continued to evade conviction. He was finally brought in the Crematoria Slam Facility for vehicular manslaughter.

There, he brought his leadership skills. He befriended fellow inmate named Sybar.

He was incarcerated for 18 years in the Creamatoria Slam facility, when Richard B. Riddick arrived to the prison. Ceryll took the chance to escape the prison planet, along with Sybar, Kyra and few others. Unfortunately Necromongers came after Riddick and a fight broke out near the airfield. Ceryll was killed by Vaako when he broke his spine.


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