"Hey Riddick! Lets go. Time to get into the ring."

Centurion was an inmate in the Double-Max section of the slam known as Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. He arranges the arena fights between the prisoners living in this section.

He pays Riddick's entry fee of 5 UDs for his first fight. As part of the slam rules, he cannot initiate any fights, hence a fighter would have to find a "victim" and challenge him to the ring. He suggests the names of challengers who would agree to fighting in the ring, The fighters are: Harman of Blueskins, Baasim, Sawtooth of K3, Cusa of Surenos, all of whom are inmates except for the last challenger, Bam, who is a security guard.

When Riddick slays Abbott, the prison warden Hoxie orders Centurion not to let Riddick enter any more arena fights. After telling Riddick this, he says that he enjoyed Riddick's fights.


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