"I said *I'd* die for them, not you!"
—Fry to Riddick[1]

Carolyn Fry was the second class pilot of the Hunter Gratzner. During the eclipse on the planet M6-117, Carolyn was entrusted to lead the survivors of the crashed ship to safety before its inhabitants, Bioraptors, could kill them. A survivalist at heart, Carolyn found an odd kinship in the criminal Richard B. Riddick, who was intrigued by her survival instincts and desire to do the right thing at the expense of her livelihood.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before the Crash[edit | edit source]

Little is known about Carolyn's life prior to the events that take place on M6-117. Perusing a career as a pilot, Carolyn had accumulated enough deep-space hours to qualify for Pilot First Class but failed to take the exam. She had anxiety regarding extended Cryosleep.[2] Employed by the New Oslo Shipping Corporation, Carolyn and her co-pilot, Greg Owens are entrusted to see the Hunter Gratzner and its passengers through the Tangiers System.

The Crash[edit | edit source]

As the Hunter Gratzner made its way through the M-344/G System, Carolyn was deep in cryosleep when the ship was damaged by a rogue comet and in started to crash. In an attempt to save herself and land the craft safely she tried to jettison all of the passengers, but the navigator on the ship, Greg Owens, refused to let her. Owens' attempt to stop her ultimately cost him his life. Carolyn barely managed to land the Hunter on M6-117.[1]

In the aftermath of the crash, Carolyn found Owens impaled by a ship component, possibly a handle of some kind, and was forced to watch him die an extraordinarily painful death, an event that greatly upset her. As the only member of the crew left alive, as well as the person who had appeared to have saved all of them, the passengers all looked to her as the leader, mistaking her for the captain of the ship. Carolyn was reluctant to assume the role, but the support of the mercenary William J. Johns eventually led her to organize a search party for water.[1]

Carolyn's Age

While talking in the Boneyard with Johns, who was attempting to track and subsequently recapture Riddick, Carolyn revealed that she was not the captain and that she had tried to jettison the passengers. Unknown to both her and Johns, Riddick was hiding behind the very bones she was leaning against, listening, and stopped just short of pulling a sneak attack on the two before hearing Carolyn's confession (possibly impressing him with her sense of self-preservation that mirrored his own), instead stealthily cutting a small tuft of her hair to examine.

Later, while Carolyn did a pre-flight check on the skiff, Riddick corners her and reveals that Johns is a morphine addict and a mercenary. While wary of Riddick, Carolyn confronted Johns who did nothing to hide his status when Carolyn caught him in the process of dosing himself.[1]

The Eclipse[edit | edit source]

With the coming of the eclipse and advent of the Bioraptors, Carolyn and the other survivors took cover in one of the sections of the ship. While en route to the skiff, Johns used the knowledge that Carolyn had tried to kill the passengers to try to undermine her, but the dire situation convinced the rest of the passengers to be pro-active about their survival.

Carolyn is the one that proposed letting Riddick use his Eyeshine to guide the remaining survivors back to the skiff discovered at the settlement with the needed power cells. The plan went well until a panicked Paris wrecked the sled and their primary light source, resulting in his own death. The dwindling group, using lit bottles of alcohol for light, kept moving.[1]

Riddick revealed to the others that the Bioraptors were tracking their group because Jack was actually a girl and more importantly menstruating; the Bioraptors were drawn to the smell of blood. When Riddick saw that there was a canyon ahead of them crawling with Bioraptors, Johns moves up to talk to him. Sensing tension, Carolyn takes the opportunity to slow the other survivors down, increasing the distance between them and the two men. Carolyn may have begun to make plans with Abu al-Walid and the others to abandon Riddick and Johns at this time, suspicious of both.[1]

When Johns suggested to Riddick that they kill Jack and use the body as bait, Riddick attacked him, showing his uncharacteristic "soft spot" for children. Mainly out of fear, Carolyn led the others away, although Riddick rapidly caught up. Riddick had the other remaining three hide in a small cave, ostensibly so he could take the power cells to the skiff and proceed to come get them.

In actuality, he did this so he could abandon them on the planet without protest. Carolyn found an alternate light source and caught him as he was powering up the ship to take off. Impressed with her survival instinct, Riddick offered to let her come with him. Carolyn eventually attempts to attack Riddick, but he swiftly pinned her to the ground, putting his shiv to her throat.

Riddick asks her: "You would die for them?" to which Carolyn defiantly claimed that she would die for the other two people back in the cave, to which Riddick remarked "Interesting." Riddick accompanied Carolyn back to the cave to get Abu al-Walid and Jack, actually smiling at the situation. When they got back to the settlement, Riddick became separated from the others by a Bioraptor and urged the others to keep going. At first Riddick hid in a blind spot directly in front of the Bioraptor's "nose".[1]

However, a second Bioraptor appeared, leading Riddick to draw his shiv. At the settlement, Carolyn left Abu al-Walid and Jack to get Riddick, and found him wounded and bleeding. As she pulled Riddick back to his feet and helped him walk, she told him that while she would've died for the others, she would not die for him. Suddenly, just meters from the skiff, a Bioraptor impaled her with its tail, and ripped her away from Riddick, flying off into the rainy darkness. Distraught over her death, Riddick bellowed after her "Not for me!".[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Carolyn is chiefly referred to as "Fry" in the early portions of the film.[1]
  • Other than Jack and The Purifier, Fry is the only person whose death appeared to seriously affect Riddick on an emotional level.[1]

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