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Concept of Butcher Bay

Butcher Bay Correctional Facility is perhaps one of the most notorious Triple-Max prisons ever created. Situated on a harsh desert planet, it is billed as inescapable. The sands surrounding the prison are fitted with landmines. Inmates who manage to actually get out of the prison itself, an impossible feat, must find a way to survive in an endless desert. The prison is home to some of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy. Riddick himself mentions that Butcher Bay is unusual from the other slams he has been to because the Bay does not attempt to tame its inmates. It simply holds them and lets them rot.

Butcher Bay is a three level max prison, with the 'single-max' (level one) being on the surface of the planet, the 'double-max' (level two) being underground and functioning as a mining facility, with the 'triple-max' (level three) lastly being a massive storage facility where the most violent prisoners are kept, often in stasis.


Butcher Bay Correctional Facility Entrance

Two of the main forces or higher-ups that run Butcher Bay is head of security Abbott, and the warden Hoxie. Hoxie runs the prison with the air of a businessman, although maintaining tight control of the dealings within and without. While a pencil pusher, Hoxie is still in good physical condition, as he beat the bounty hunter Johns for attempting to help Richard B. Riddick at one point with nothing more than his fists. The head guard, Abbott, is Hoxie's watchdog. He is a thug with authority behind him. Abbott and his guards seem to enjoy the power they wield over the inmates, and prisoners being beaten to within an inch of their lives for little (or no) reason is not an uncommon occurrence. However, Abbott later find Riddick to be a harder inmate to break than any of the other prisoners.


Single Max

Inside Butcher Bay

The Single Max zone is built on the surface of the planet, and is more of the "traditional" prison area. Inmates are kept in shared cells with a common recreational area. With level one being more of a sleepy part of Butcher Bay, there is relatively little order in the area, with gangs staking out territorial claims throughout the cells. However, Single Max is secured by auto turrets that lock-on to any inmate attempting to enter a restricted area, carrying a weapon, or conducting an act of violence of any kind. The court-yard has a wide hole in the center of it, which leads to the sewage systems. This area is filled with deformed and deranged humans, who cannibalize the prisoners occasionally tossed into the sewers. Inside the sewers, an inmate named 'Pope Joe' resides in a protected area. He is slightly deranged, but offers medical assistance in return for favors.

When Riddick arrives at Butcher Bay, he is introduced into the Single Max section and given a cell. He promptly upsets the balance of power by killing Abbott's left hand man, an inmate named Rust who lead one of the gangs in the Single Max section. Abbot used Rust to help control the inmates in this section. When Riddick killed Rust, Abbott offered him the chance to take Rust's place, an offer Riddick quickly rejected, earning him Abbott's malice. Afterwards, Riddick started a riot, forcing Abbott to "clean" the Single Max section by opening the hole in the recreational area and throwing unruly inmates down it. In the midst of the riots, Riddick attempted to flee to the sewers. A single guard shot Riddick, but then Riddick grabbed him and used hims as a cushion for his fall. Fighting his way through the sewers with a shotgun and a dying flashlight, Riddick met Pope Joe, a hermit who lived down in a safe section of the sewers. Pope Joe explained that the inhabitants of the sewers were tracking him due to the bleeding caused by a gunshot wound prior to Riddick's fall. Pope Joe offers to clean and suture his wound for him if Riddick will get his radio, which he refers to as "blessed voice box". Riddick agrees and retrieves the radio. Pope Joe takes care of his arm and tells him how to escape the sewers. A mysterious voice of Shirah then tells Riddick "...You've been blind far too long..." At this time, Riddick gains his eyeshine ability. Riddick is momentarily blinded by the lights in Pope Joe's Den. Riddick then grabs Joe and demands to know what he did to him. Joe explains that he only stitched his arm for him and nothing else, and offers Riddick some welding goggles to protect his eyes from the light. Using his new-found eyeshine, Riddick navigates the tunnels and emerges in the guards quarters. Riddick then searches the Guard's quarters for Abbott, as he requires Abbott's eyes to fool the retinal scanner blocking access to the starport. Riddick tricks Abbott into opening the door for him, then proceeds to beat him savagely. However, he is stopped by Johns, who decides to take Riddick to look for a more generous buyer. However, Hoxie then confronts Johns and takes Riddick back into custody. He proceeds to beat Johns in his office, then sends Riddick away to the Double Max facility.

Double Max

Guard in Double Max

In Double Max, the facility operates as both a high level security prison and a mining facility. The inmates have established a fighting arena, where the winner gets credits, weapons, or packets of cigarettes. The guards are not disturbed and even encourage the fights in a bid to eliminate the most dangerous prisoners. The place has no access to natural light, creating the perfect environment for Riddick to sneak in.

Riddick was attempting to escape, but failed to retrieve Abbott's eyes for the retina scanner. When he reached Double Max, he was informed by the other inmates that Abbott rarely ventured down to Double Max. However, he would come in the event that an inmate was caught with drugs or was becoming too successful in the fight ring. Riddick opted for the fight ring (though in the actual game, the player can also choose to buy drugs), which was essentially a gladiator match that pitted two inmates against each other until one of them died. Riddick continued fighting until he found himself face-to-face with a guard named Bam. Riddick succeeded in killing Bam in the fight, drawing Abbott down after him. Abbott and four guards took Riddick into a room with no cameras, where Abbott begin to beat Riddick with a club. Riddick, after several blows, unleashed the Wrath of the Furyans. The resultant energy killed Abbott's henchmen and sent Abbott himself crashing through a large door. Riddick then proceeded to kill Abbott, taking his cardkey. Riddick worked his way down into the mines from there, meeting an inmate named Jagger Valance. Jagger formed a plan to help Riddick escape. He had Riddick retrieve and plant a bomb which would throw the guards into chaos and also open a hole to let him and Riddick get to a ship on a nearby docking bay. Riddick succeeded in planting the bomb, but was captured by several guards immediately after. While transporting Riddick in a container along with two guards the bomb detonated, causing massive damage to the mines and disabling the container. While one guard watched Riddick, the other went out into the caverns to check the damage. Riddick killed the guard watching him, then watched as subterranean creatures, drawn by the explosion, killed the other one.

After the bomb exploded, the creatures began to infest the mines, attacking the miners and guards alike. As a result, a massive firefight occurred between the guards and the aliens. Meanwhile, a massive evacuation began, which provided Riddick an opportunity to escape. When he finally reaches the starport, Riddick finds Jagger attempting to force a starship's door open with a screwdriver. Jagger hands the screwdriver to Riddick, who begins to open the door when Johns once again appears, knocking Jagger aside and aiming his gun at Riddick. He fails to notice the screwdriver however, and as he moves towards Riddick, Riddick stabs him in the side with it, as well as sending the gun flying towards Jagger. Riddick and Johns wrestle over the screwdriver, both men nearly killing the other a few times, when Jagger takes a shot at Johns, grazing him but also hitting Riddick, who is hurt, but not mortally injured. As Johns and Riddick lay wounded on the floor, several guards arrive, spot the gun in Jagger Valance's hand, and promptly shoot him dead. Riddick and Johns, now on crutches, once again find themselves in Hoxie's office. Hoxie threatens to kill Johns if he tries anything else, and decides to put Riddick into the Triple Max section, in cryo-storage.

Triple Max

Cryo-Pyramids in Triple-Max Section

This prison area is located on the top of the tower in the middle of the prison. it's where the Warden keeps all of his most prized and dangerous convicts. Keeping them in a cryosleep, dizzy and sleepy, they are allowed 2 minutes of limited exercise before being sedated and returned to their respective cryotubes by robotics.

Riddick was put into cryo-sleep and brought here, waking up once every day for two minutes of mandatory exercise before a heavy sedative was administered, knocking him out. The second day, the exercise session is shared with another inmate, who appeared to be borderline catatonic. This continued for some time until Riddick, noticing a pattern, tricked the machine by laying down in the other inmate's cryotube. When the machine attempted to drop the other inmate in, Riddick tossed him back out. This threw off the administration of Riddick's sedative, who remained fully awake when the inmate's tube (now inhabited by Riddick) was put back into the storage chamber. Riddick kicked his way out of the tube, and then started to make his way out of the triple max facility. Riddick fought his way through the corporate offices of the facility to a docking pad where Johns' ship was, as well as Johns himself. Riddick knocked Johns out, then took off in the ship. Instead of heading off-world, however, Riddick crashed the ship into Hoxie's office. Riddick proceeded to jokingly ask what price he would get for Johns. Hoxie began trying to bargain for his life, but ultimately hit a switch that sealed him and his desk chair in a metal safety chamber in the upper wall, also activating two robotic body guards. Riddick destroyed both with a minigun detached from the ship, then used a rocket launcher attached to one wrecked robotic arm to blast open the chamber with Hoxie in it, causing him to fall to the floor. Riddick demanded the codes for Hoxie's ship, which he promptly gave up. Johns woke up at that point and asked Riddick if he had a plan to get out yet. Riddick glanced at him and merely asked, "How's your eyesight?". An alarm then sounded, and several guards ran into Hoxie's office, as Riddick (disguised as a guard) escorted Johns at gunpoint down the hall (outside of the office) toward the starport. When the guards broke into Hoxie's office, they found Hoxie taped to a chair, gagged and dressed in Riddick's cryo suit and goggles, with a rifle taped to the chair pointed at them; they immediately opened fire (believing the person to be Riddick), killing Hoxie. As Hoxie's ship powered up in the dock yard, Riddick removed the guard's helmet he was wearing as he sat in the pilot's seat, with Johns in the back as they took off and headed for space.

Guards' Quarters

Commonly known as Pigsville, it's the area where all the guards (hacks), including Abbott, live. Some prisoners who behave and those who give information also have rooms here. There is a passageway connecting The Pit and the guard quarters. During Riddick's escape from Double Max, one of the guards mentions that the shower area in the Guard's quarters has been sealed off.




Single Max

Double Max

Triple Max


  • The prison guard's helmets bear a striking resemblance to Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's helmet from the electronic duo Daft Punk.