Colonel R. "Boss" Johns[1] is a bounty hunter and the father of William J. Johns, and for the last 10 years has been searching for Riddick in hopes of unearthing answers about the death of his son on a planet in the M-344/G System. He arrives to the sun scorched planet, where Riddick has activated a beacon, to find him. While there he encounters another mercenary crew led by Captain Santana, who gives Boss Johns a hard time. Eventually he takes control over the entire operation. When an attempt of coming to terms is botched, he knocks Riddick out. After questioning Riddick for answers about his son, he learns that Riddick did not kill William Johns, and that his son tried to kill a kid to save his own neck. Riddick later saves Boss Johns' life when Diaz tries to kill him. Riddick and Boss Johns are forced to work together as they carry nodes across the landscape during the storm where the mud demons attack them. After Riddick becomes injured by a mud demon, Boss Johns takes Riddick's node and leaves him behind to fend for himself, only to return later to rescue Riddick by blasting the mud demons with the guns from his ship. Boss Johns lets Riddick take the other merc ship and they part ways agreeing to settle their differences at a later point in time.




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