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Bioraptor Charging

Bioraptors are highly aggressive and animalistic creatures capable of flight and are incredibly photosensitive, with even an artificial flashlight beam capable of severely burning their bodies. They are assumed to be native to the planet M6-117 in the M-344/G System and are implied to be responsible for the extinction of most life on the planet.

Roughly every 22 years, the planet undergoes a several month long planet-wide eclipse caused by an aligning of the surrounding planets and stars. It is during this time that the bioraptors emerge from their underground dwellings and engage in mass-feeding reminiscent of locust swarms.

Bioraptor by David Grasso from DeviantArt

Their blood is thick and blue, possibly due to a concentration of copper-based hemoprotein (as opposed to iron-based hemoglobin). They have thin, streamlined bodies covered in what appears to be thick and leathery skin, wings capable of supporting limited flight, and a twin-forked tail with sharp points at the end. Hidden in both of their legs are bonespears, that they use for grabbing their opponents. Their distinctive heads seem to be made of a hard, chitinous material reminiscent of that surrounding most arthropods. Due to the nature of their total-dark environments they have no eyes, but instead have incredibly sensitive ultrasonic sensor organs capable of picking up on the most minute of sounds and giving them a detailed "view" of their environment.

It is unknown why or how a light-sensitive species evolved on a planet in a trinary star system with virtually constant and planet-wide illumination. It is possible that they were an invasive species brought to the planet by mistake or as a bio-weapon. Perhaps the planet is home to massive planet spanning cave systems or burrows, which would explain their sensitivity to light.

The Infants[]

Infant Bioraptors

When the lights go out, these are the first to emerge from the massive "chimneys" leading into their system of tunnels. An immense number of these appear at the onset of the solar eclipse and tend to fly around in flocks. Alone they are only passably dangerous, but combined they represent a proverbial cloud of blades, as their strength in numbers can lift and literally tear a person to pieces, as demonstrated by the dismemberment of Sharon Montgomery.

Bioraptors gathering for a kill

It is unknown how bioraptors are born, nor is their development chronicled in any detail. All attempts at scientific study have ended in the deaths of most, if not all of the researchers. The Newtonian Institute was however tasked with the testing of a sample of the blue substance found on Hunter Gratzner crashsite. They also attempted to regenerate the DNA in order to understand what happened to the ship. A viable embryo was to be expected after a few days.[1]

The Adults[]

An adult Bioraptor getting ready to attack.

Often referred to as "big boys", these beasts emerge from underground shortly after the infants. The long stalks on either side of their head supporting their ultrasonic sensors have developed to be roughly 2 meters (6.5 ft) long combined. Due to how widely their sensor organs are spaced, there is a blind spot directly between them and inches away from their mouth (as Riddick discovers). They have long tails that split into two ends like a fork. Their wrists conceal spike feelers that extend longer than the Bioraptor itself to strike its prey, these wrist tentacles end in knife-like points. Their two feet are lizard-like with 4 monstrous talons radiating towards the front. They are stronger than an average human (Riddick was able to kill a single one on his own, albeit with great effort, using only his hands), and seem to be able to smell blood, as they show a distinct preference for the menstruating Jack.

Surviving Underground[]

Bioraptor up close and personal

As most other preferable food sources seem to be dead, the Bioraptors seem to survive by consuming each other. The adults seem to prefer eating their young, but will swarm other adults when they cannot be caught. It is unknown whether or not there are more organisms underground.



  • The Bioraptors were designed by Patrick Tatopoulos.
  • The Kryll from Gears of War were inspired by the swarming Infant Bioraptors.
  • The Fyrnocks from Star Wars Rebels may have also been partly inspired by the Bioraptors.
    • Unlike the Bioraptors, however, they cannot be harmed by artificial lights.
  • The creatures were only named as "Predators" during the production.