Asylum was a colony world, where Necroism was founded and where the first Necromongers were converted. It was colonized by the Austeres, a religious cult[1].


After a long journey (using ships with only conventional drives), the Austeres found Asylum and quickly colonized it. There was a great amount of division among the Austeres. When Covu and his followers returned from exile, they took control of Asylum. He killed many of the commanding Austeres, took control of the remaining Austeres, and forced them to convert to Necroism. As a testament to Necroism, Covu ordered that the Necropolis be built on the highest mountain of Asylum.

Under the Lord Marshal Oltovm, many ships were built on Asylum. Baylock attacked the world of Boroneau V and enslaved the inhabitants of the planet. He brought them back to Asylum, where they were forced to work on the Necromonger fleet.

After Oltovm died, Naphemil took control of the Necromonger empire, and the Necromonger fleet was completed shortly after he took control. On a day known as Ascension Day to the Necromongers, the Necromongers unearthed the Necropolis from Asylum and placed it in the Basilica. They then left Asylum forever, in an act known as First Ascension.[2].


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