"You see, Riddick, there is fundamental difference between you and I."
"Yeah. You're a psychopath."
—Chillingsworth speaking with Richard B. Riddick

Antonia Chillingsworth is the primary antagonist of the animated film Dark Fury.

She is a bounty hunter who collects prominent criminals and puts them in a form of cryo-stasis "so profound that to blink an eye is a day's time", then displays them as works of art in her quarters. The criminals cannot move more than an eyeblink, but it is implied they are fully conscious and aware of their surroundings. Aboard her ship, the Kublai Khan, were several alien species and a small army of mercs; most of whom were kept in stasis until needed.

Antonia covets Riddick as a new addition to her statuary, but wants first to see him kill, as she considers Riddick to be an artist in killing and wants to watch Riddick with her own eyes when he is "at the moment of bloody creation". This ultimately proves her undoing as Riddick takes advantage of the situation to remove the explosive charge she injected into his neck and use it to improvise an escape route for himself, Jack and Imam. After racking up an insane body count, Riddick is eventually cornered by Chillingsworth, who catches Riddick off guard with a handgun, shooting him in the shoulder.

Before she could finish off Riddick, Jack shot Antonia (blowing her head off) with Junner's rifle to save Riddick's life. The ease with which she takes a human life is a matter of concern to both Riddick and the Imam, and Riddick decides to leave Jack with the Imam on Helion Prime and go into exile.

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