Alpha Furyans are primal leader Furyans who possess powers far superior to those of normal Furyans, even from infancy. This is simply an animal instinct. Like wolves or gorillas (for example), it establishes pecking order within the pack. And obviously, Richard B. Riddick would be first to eat, as an Alpha Male. But his skills as a fighter would ensure his rank as Leader of the Pack, to stick with the metaphor.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Alpha Furyans' abilities, including near superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance/stamina, senses, healing, adaptation and durability are far superior to normal Furyans, even at infancy. They have the ability to survive without oxygen for prolonged time, as Riddick was able to be strangled with his own umbilical cord without terminal harm. Riddick is able to somehow dominate any aggressive animal he comes across as in Slam City where the attack dog was passive towards him, then come the attack dog being ordered to maul Riddick by a guard, it was Riddick who simply said, "Sic 'em" and the dog attacked the guard, and while on Crematoria Riddick tamed a Hellhound that was sent out to kill the prisoners.

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