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Aereon is a character in The Chronicles of Riddick. She is a member of a race known as Elementals, whose religion is based around the Balance of the universe. They actively seek to keep this balance, and their ability to use numbers and equations to calculate odds is so accurate that to others it closely resembles foretelling and prophecy. Such a "prophecy" was given (the novelization indicates it was given under duress) predicting that a son of Furya would stop Lord Marshal Zhylaw, prompting the destruction of Furya at Necromonger hands. Zhylaw thought it an artful touch to kill unborn Furyan infants with their own umbilical cords.

30 years later, Abu al-Walid's account of his survival at the hands of Riddick and his report that Riddick claimed to have survived being strangled by his own umbilical cord, prompts Aereon to offer a substantial bounty for the convict. She hopes that he is Furyan, and might be capable of stopping Lord Marshal Zhylaw as the prophesy predicted. The bounty hunter Toombs is one of those attempting to capitalize on Aereon's bounty on Riddick.

After Riddick abandons Helion Prime, Aereon presents herself to as an adviser to Zylaw, who puts her in chains to prevent her escaping or double crossing him. Zhylaw tasks Dame Vaako with interrogating Aereon to find out what the Elemental is up to. Aereon proves resistant to Dame Vaako and is eventually incarcerated in the Basilica.

After Riddick was seemingly killed on Crematoria, Zhylaw asked Aereon to calculate the likelihood that he died- if the odds were in his favor, Zhylaw would destroy Quintessa last in his campaign against the living. Aereon responded that "the odds are good... that Riddick is still alive."

Riddick with a knife to Aereon's throat, in the Chronicles of Riddick.

Aereon managed to escape and was present in the Necropolis when Riddick and Kyra slew Zhylaw. Satisfied that the Necromonger threat was neutralized thanks to the new Lord Marshal, she asked rhetorically, "now what would be the odds of that?"

Powers, Abilities and Personality[]

As an Air Elemental, Aereon's powers and physiology are vastly different from those of other races. Although she cannot fly, she can -- in her own words -- "glide very well." When she moves or is hit by a gust of wind, she appears to dissolve into a transparent, human-shaped mist. This insubstantially does not prevent her from being constrained however: the Lord Marshal held her prisoner by shackled with long, trailing chains bound to her wrists by manacles. Even under such circumstances, however, she carries herself with a haughty pride and confidence.

Like all Elementals, Aereon possesses an affinity for calculations, numbers and the like. She uses this calculating nature to her advantage when dealing with other races.