"You are messin' with the natural order of things here, Riddick. And when that happens, well, as you can see, people can get hurt."
"Or worse."
"Indeed. And we don't want that."
"Speak for yourself."
—Abbott speaking with Richard B. Riddick

Abbott is the secondary antagonist in The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.

Description Edit

Abbott was a senior officer, second only to the prison's warden, Hoxie. Not much is known about his history, although Monster mentions that "Hoxie and Abbott go way back," implying that Abbott received his position through Hoxie's influence.

He maintained order in Butcher Bay Correctional Facility through a combination of fear, violence and controlled corruption. He placed prisoners who made malleable puppets in command of the prison gangs, allowing them freedom and power in the prison while Abbott and his fellow guards took the profits made through shaking down cons and drug running. When Richard B. Riddick came to Butcher Bay, Abbott suspected he would cause trouble. Sure enough, Riddick soon killed Rust, the leader of the Aquila gang and Abbott's puppet, and humiliated Abbott by publicly refusing an offer to take the man's place. Following the subsequent prison riot, Riddick infiltrated Abbott's personal quarters, planning to use his eyes to bypass a retinal scanner for the prison's spaceport, resulting in a showdown between the two. Before Riddick could finish him, however, he was stopped by William J. Johns.

When Riddick was sent to Double Max, he had to confront the officer again in order to gain his keycard to access the mines. After either getting caught with drugs or killing the champion officer, Bam, in an arena fight, Riddick was taken to a room which contained no surveillance but Abbott, who had developed a personal grudge against him for his previous humiliating defeat. As Riddick decimated the surrounding guards in a blast of fury, only Abbott, armed with a club, was left to fight him. Following the officer's death, Riddick was able to obtain the keycard he needed to access the mines through the workplace.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He is voiced by rapper/actor Xzibit.
  • Abbott was not originally going to lead Riddick into Butcher Bay. Instead, it was supposed to have been a normal guard voiced by John DiMaggio. Later, the developers realized that the sequence would be far more powerful if Abbott was the one to bring Riddick in.
  • It could be speculated that Abbott's rank is higher than that of the normal Single Max Guard leaders, because he had a "head rooster", Rust, as his unofficial right hand man to enforce his authority and obedience to the other prisoners.



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